2021 Best Black Friday Subwoofer Deals

2021 Black Friday Budget Subwoofer Round Up

If you are in the market for a new subwoofer now is the time! Check out the great deals below.

When is Black Friday 2021?

The Black Friday 2021 date is Friday, November 26th.

Cyber Monday 2021 will be Monday, November 29th.

Black Friday always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which means this year it will fall on Friday, November 26th. Most retailers will want to make the most of what will typically be the busiest 24 hours of the event, meaning we can expect deals going live at midnight and running until the end of the day. Of course, you can rest assured that Black Friday won't be simply one day of deals – those days are long gone. Instead, expect at least a week of build-up, maybe longer, from many retailers. And of course, the Black Friday sales continue through to Cyber Monday, which is always the Monday after Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday began in the US but in recent years has very much become a worldwide shopping phenomena. It's regarded (and backed up by stats) as the busiest shopping day of the year – both online and in-store – and officially kicks off the holiday season.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The date was traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season, when retailers hoped to move out of the "red" (loss) and in to the "black" (profit), hence Black Friday.

What about Cyber Monday?

The term 'Cyber Monday', meanwhile, was coined by Scott Silverman and the National Retail Federation's Ellen Davis in a bid to encourage people to take their shopping online during the Black Friday event. That was back in 2005, when people needed such encouragement! It's always the Monday after Black Friday.

Where to get the best Black Friday deals?

All the big retailers will compete for your business. Make sure to search for the best deals. You can always start here!

How long will Black Friday last?

Black Friday is 24 hours. And Cyber Monday is 24 hours. But like other big sales events, you always have preliminary and aftermath offers.

"Black Friday" has expanded to cover most of the month of November for many retailers.

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